Grieving in limbo

Trying to help a 15-year-old through tough times is tough.

We recently found out that Erika’s Grandmother has pancreatic cancer.  The past few weeks have been hard on her father’s family and Erika too.  It’s never easy when you know the demise of someone you love dearly.   I lost a cousin and an aunt when I was 17, it was hard then for me, but much harder for my dad.  I guess, when we are younger, but old enough to understand, we grieve in a different way.  It’s sad to see people suffer, no matter what age you are.  You go on an emotional roller coaster ride and wish you could take their pain away.

For all of you that have known this pain, I am truly sorry.  All I can do, is be there for my daughter and hope that her grandmother will rest in peace soon.

Until next time, may you all be pain-free~


Birthday girls (and the dog too)

Happy Birthday to my two youngest girls…Mia turned six last week and Zoe turns eleven next week.  Five years apart they are, and they get along marvelously (most of the time anyway).  Then there is Duke, our Yellow Laborador, he turned 6 last week also.

Anticipating the fun

Every year since they have turned three and eight we have had a single birthday party for them.  They both get to invite a few of their friends and we always have water play and fun games.  This year was no different, we decided to get a bounce house this time, along with a two foot deep pool.  It was a little too hot for the kids to fully enjoy the bouncer, but the pool was a big hit.

cooling off

The girls love the show Lazy Town so I went with that as a theme.  Decorating for the party was very inexpensive, The Dollar Store is great for party favors, streamers and just about anything you need for a party or shower.  We also printed the characters off of the internet, which Mia had a blast placing all over the house. My nephews girlfriend was generous enough to make the cake, it was beautiful and it tasted wonderful.  Homemade cakes are always great, my mom always made me, my brother and sister a cake on our birthdays when we were kids.


Since Lazy Town really promotes heathy and active lifestyles, I wanted to promote it too.  I offered apples, watermelon, grapes, celery, carrots and cucumbers as thier “sports candy”.  We did, of course, have your usual party favorites like, chips and dips and of course pizza, I also went with a large sandwich and lots of water to keep hydrated.  I did throw a couple pieces of candy in with a fruit smelling bouncing ball for the party bags and It seemed to be the perfect amount of sweet treat along with healthy snack.

healthy snacks for strong bodies

Birthday parties were few and far between when we growing up and even though we have a party every year the girls, they are not always big, but we make the best of it.  So, after all of the dancing, jumping, swimming and eating good food, the girls were satisfied, we were exhausted and everyone was happy.  I think we all slept like babies and had visions of ballons and bouncers in our heads (even the dogs).

Is it time for bed yet?

More water please!

Hope you all enjoyed our birthday party!

Until next time…

Bedtime babble

While putting my six year old to bed the other night, she started to get very talkative.  Going on about everything, that happened that day and about how she ate too much and how she wants to go back to Magic Mountain and go straight to Bugs Bunny World.  She then starts talking about languages.

Out of nowhere, she says, “Since you are from Minnesota, do you know how to speak Minnesotian?”  You know, like people from Mexico speak Mexican, like hola, como estas.” I am trying hard to keep a straight face, so I can explain without laughing at her. 

I told her that they speak English in Minnesota, just like they do here in California, only they have an accent (which I still carry a little).  People who speak different languages are from other countries, like Mexico or Korea (like her father).  Minnesota is a different state, in America.  I think she understood what i was saying, but I think it’s time for a lesson in Geography and languages around the world.

I just love this girl to pieces!

Until next time, adios amigos!


Little voices, big expressions

As a spin off from the Play Date blog, I wanted to tell you all about the fantastic time at the pool.


Mia and her BFF decide to go swimming, the others wanted to stay home, so off the three of us go.  As we head to the pool, they each grab a noodle floatie.  Running, skipping and turning circles they whack each other with the noodles.  Mia then decides she’s had enough and says “Let’s pretend we’re the good guys and we are getting the other people.”  They start whacking the air and ground telling the bad guys off, in their sweet little voices.  “There, take that! OH, POW, I got you this time!”  I can’t help but giggle under my breath.  It really makes my tummy tickle.  Do you get that feeling with your kids?  It’s a great feeling. 


We get to the pool and they race to get their sunscreen on, they can’t wait to jump in the crystal blue pool!  “Ready?  One, two, three!”  They jump in the deep end!  It’s a real accomplishment for two 6 years old kids, knowing they can swim across that scary 5 feet deep end of the pool and with no arm floaties even!  “Look mom, watch me”, is what I hear as they swim around, jumping in, time after time, doing flips and belly flops.


As they take a break from jumping and flipping, I hear them talking about a past visit.  Mia says, “Remember when I came to the old neighborhood and you left because I wasn’t playing with you?”  Her friend replies, “Well, I was really upset because I thought you wanted to play with me and you were playing with someone else, so I went home.”  Are you going to play with someone else today?”  Mia replies, “No! I’m going to play with you.   You know, I haven’t seen you in forever!”  “Good”, he says, “ Because I really don’t want to play family with your other friends.”  I crack a chuckle and smile.  I am not sure if my parents ever overhead our conversations as a kid, my guess is no, since we were usually outside away from our parents.  Children are far more intellectual than we realize and when given the chance will blow your mind with the things they say.  I know mine do every day. 


Until the next adventure, I invite you to listen in to a conversation or two and then you can experience the joy of little voices expressing big thoughts.



Play date

Play date.

Play date

We had three different scenarios going on over here yesterday.  The kids all had friends over to play or hang out with, as the older ones would say.


My 6 year old was playing with her BFF, the male of her best friends anyway.  He is turning 7 in a few weeks.  They have known each other since birth, we used to be neighbors.  So, in the family room they play Lego Batman and were having a blast. They are talking about playing ninjas, but only if they play that the bad guys are invisible and they have to fight them off together.  What a great use of imagination unfolding before my eyes and ears.   I remember having pretend play a lot.  We didn’t have much growing up, so we always kept our minds wide open.


Now, in the playroom is my 11 year old with her best friend.  He is 8 and they have also known each other since birth.  (Well, since he was born anyway).  They are playing with another friend who is 12 and who is also the brother of the 6 year old boy.  They have brought a million Legos to play and build with.  They are discussing anything and everything but mostly about video games and sci-fi mystical stuff.  This is something I can’t completely relate with.  I did play with sci-fi toys, but we never had video games growing up, so I never really learned to play.  I admire they way a girl and two boys can play so well together.  It does remind me of myself quite a bit.  I could get along with just about anyone when I was young.


Then, in her room, is my 15 year old with her best friend, who just happens to be the 15 year old sister of the 12 year old and the 6 year old boys.  She is showing her bestie her new art work that she created (not to toot horns, but she is super talented (toot-toot).  Her friend is an artist too.  They are most likely discussing boys, school, art, media, music and contemplating life altogether.  Being 15 was really hard for me and I am sure it’s hard for them too.  They are both well, mannered teens.  I find that the more freedom you give young teens, the more room there is for trouble.  Now, don’t get me wrong, you have to let them have their space and you also have to trust that they can make the right choices, sometimes it’s just hard to let go.  If they can not follow the right path, then you need to guide them after discipline. 


After several hours of playing with each other and the pets, eating, talking, swimming and goofing off, it was time for everyone to go home.  It was a great play date with great kids of all ages, yep even my husband and myself. 


Until next time, may the parenting force be with you.Image

Life experience and raising kids

Life experience and raising kids.

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