Little voices, big expressions

As a spin off from the Play Date blog, I wanted to tell you all about the fantastic time at the pool.


Mia and her BFF decide to go swimming, the others wanted to stay home, so off the three of us go.  As we head to the pool, they each grab a noodle floatie.  Running, skipping and turning circles they whack each other with the noodles.  Mia then decides she’s had enough and says “Let’s pretend we’re the good guys and we are getting the other people.”  They start whacking the air and ground telling the bad guys off, in their sweet little voices.  “There, take that! OH, POW, I got you this time!”  I can’t help but giggle under my breath.  It really makes my tummy tickle.  Do you get that feeling with your kids?  It’s a great feeling. 


We get to the pool and they race to get their sunscreen on, they can’t wait to jump in the crystal blue pool!  “Ready?  One, two, three!”  They jump in the deep end!  It’s a real accomplishment for two 6 years old kids, knowing they can swim across that scary 5 feet deep end of the pool and with no arm floaties even!  “Look mom, watch me”, is what I hear as they swim around, jumping in, time after time, doing flips and belly flops.


As they take a break from jumping and flipping, I hear them talking about a past visit.  Mia says, “Remember when I came to the old neighborhood and you left because I wasn’t playing with you?”  Her friend replies, “Well, I was really upset because I thought you wanted to play with me and you were playing with someone else, so I went home.”  Are you going to play with someone else today?”  Mia replies, “No! I’m going to play with you.   You know, I haven’t seen you in forever!”  “Good”, he says, “ Because I really don’t want to play family with your other friends.”  I crack a chuckle and smile.  I am not sure if my parents ever overhead our conversations as a kid, my guess is no, since we were usually outside away from our parents.  Children are far more intellectual than we realize and when given the chance will blow your mind with the things they say.  I know mine do every day. 


Until the next adventure, I invite you to listen in to a conversation or two and then you can experience the joy of little voices expressing big thoughts.




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