Play date

We had three different scenarios going on over here yesterday.  The kids all had friends over to play or hang out with, as the older ones would say.


My 6 year old was playing with her BFF, the male of her best friends anyway.  He is turning 7 in a few weeks.  They have known each other since birth, we used to be neighbors.  So, in the family room they play Lego Batman and were having a blast. They are talking about playing ninjas, but only if they play that the bad guys are invisible and they have to fight them off together.  What a great use of imagination unfolding before my eyes and ears.   I remember having pretend play a lot.  We didn’t have much growing up, so we always kept our minds wide open.


Now, in the playroom is my 11 year old with her best friend.  He is 8 and they have also known each other since birth.  (Well, since he was born anyway).  They are playing with another friend who is 12 and who is also the brother of the 6 year old boy.  They have brought a million Legos to play and build with.  They are discussing anything and everything but mostly about video games and sci-fi mystical stuff.  This is something I can’t completely relate with.  I did play with sci-fi toys, but we never had video games growing up, so I never really learned to play.  I admire they way a girl and two boys can play so well together.  It does remind me of myself quite a bit.  I could get along with just about anyone when I was young.


Then, in her room, is my 15 year old with her best friend, who just happens to be the 15 year old sister of the 12 year old and the 6 year old boys.  She is showing her bestie her new art work that she created (not to toot horns, but she is super talented (toot-toot).  Her friend is an artist too.  They are most likely discussing boys, school, art, media, music and contemplating life altogether.  Being 15 was really hard for me and I am sure it’s hard for them too.  They are both well, mannered teens.  I find that the more freedom you give young teens, the more room there is for trouble.  Now, don’t get me wrong, you have to let them have their space and you also have to trust that they can make the right choices, sometimes it’s just hard to let go.  If they can not follow the right path, then you need to guide them after discipline. 


After several hours of playing with each other and the pets, eating, talking, swimming and goofing off, it was time for everyone to go home.  It was a great play date with great kids of all ages, yep even my husband and myself. 


Until next time, may the parenting force be with you.Image


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