Bedtime babble

While putting my six year old to bed the other night, she started to get very talkative.  Going on about everything, that happened that day and about how she ate too much and how she wants to go back to Magic Mountain and go straight to Bugs Bunny World.  She then starts talking about languages.

Out of nowhere, she says, “Since you are from Minnesota, do you know how to speak Minnesotian?”  You know, like people from Mexico speak Mexican, like hola, como estas.” I am trying hard to keep a straight face, so I can explain without laughing at her. 

I told her that they speak English in Minnesota, just like they do here in California, only they have an accent (which I still carry a little).  People who speak different languages are from other countries, like Mexico or Korea (like her father).  Minnesota is a different state, in America.  I think she understood what i was saying, but I think it’s time for a lesson in Geography and languages around the world.

I just love this girl to pieces!

Until next time, adios amigos!



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