Birthday girls (and the dog too)

Happy Birthday to my two youngest girls…Mia turned six last week and Zoe turns eleven next week.  Five years apart they are, and they get along marvelously (most of the time anyway).  Then there is Duke, our Yellow Laborador, he turned 6 last week also.

Anticipating the fun

Every year since they have turned three and eight we have had a single birthday party for them.  They both get to invite a few of their friends and we always have water play and fun games.  This year was no different, we decided to get a bounce house this time, along with a two foot deep pool.  It was a little too hot for the kids to fully enjoy the bouncer, but the pool was a big hit.

cooling off

The girls love the show Lazy Town so I went with that as a theme.  Decorating for the party was very inexpensive, The Dollar Store is great for party favors, streamers and just about anything you need for a party or shower.  We also printed the characters off of the internet, which Mia had a blast placing all over the house. My nephews girlfriend was generous enough to make the cake, it was beautiful and it tasted wonderful.  Homemade cakes are always great, my mom always made me, my brother and sister a cake on our birthdays when we were kids.


Since Lazy Town really promotes heathy and active lifestyles, I wanted to promote it too.  I offered apples, watermelon, grapes, celery, carrots and cucumbers as thier “sports candy”.  We did, of course, have your usual party favorites like, chips and dips and of course pizza, I also went with a large sandwich and lots of water to keep hydrated.  I did throw a couple pieces of candy in with a fruit smelling bouncing ball for the party bags and It seemed to be the perfect amount of sweet treat along with healthy snack.

healthy snacks for strong bodies

Birthday parties were few and far between when we growing up and even though we have a party every year the girls, they are not always big, but we make the best of it.  So, after all of the dancing, jumping, swimming and eating good food, the girls were satisfied, we were exhausted and everyone was happy.  I think we all slept like babies and had visions of ballons and bouncers in our heads (even the dogs).

Is it time for bed yet?

More water please!

Hope you all enjoyed our birthday party!

Until next time…


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  1. hipfoodiemom
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 06:50:21

    what a great photo of Lady! Love it!


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