Grieving in limbo

Trying to help a 15-year-old through tough times is tough.

We recently found out that Erika’s Grandmother has pancreatic cancer.  The past few weeks have been hard on her father’s family and Erika too.  It’s never easy when you know the demise of someone you love dearly.   I lost a cousin and an aunt when I was 17, it was hard then for me, but much harder for my dad.  I guess, when we are younger, but old enough to understand, we grieve in a different way.  It’s sad to see people suffer, no matter what age you are.  You go on an emotional roller coaster ride and wish you could take their pain away.

For all of you that have known this pain, I am truly sorry.  All I can do, is be there for my daughter and hope that her grandmother will rest in peace soon.

Until next time, may you all be pain-free~


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