Sweetie, we can’t buy that right now…

Everytime we go to the store my baby wants me to buy her something.  Sometimes, I don’t have the extra money.  I remember asking my mom and the response was always, we can’t afford it…UGH!!  I hated that answer.  Why couldn’t we afford it???  Well, my mom being a single mother of three kids, she had no money to spare.  It was hand-me-downs and powdered milk..YUK!  (That stuff was gross, but worked with cereal). I guess that’s why my mom stopped taking us to the store with her.

Now, we go to the store and I hear myself telling my girls the same thing…”we can’t afford it right now, we have bills to pay.”  I know the girls hate hearing that, but it’s just a part of life.  I think almost everyone goes through it at one time or another.

So, one time, I tell them we can’t get that right now, I don’t have the money for it.  Of course, Mia says, “well you can just go to the bank and tell them you need money and they will give it to you.”  HAHAHA!  oh, I wish it worked like that, sweetie!  Can you imagine, I am walking into the bank and and say, “hey, I am out of money, can you give me some?”  They would look at me and laugh me out the door.  Oh well, nice try homeybuns!    She will understand when she gets older.

until next time….hope your money grows on trees…


For the love of their dolls

My girls, love their dolls.  Their “Our Generation” dolls.  These are the Target alternative to the American Girl dolls.  For those of you who can not afford to spend $100.00 on a doll, these are very reasonably priced and just as durable.  I had a Baby Alive doll that I loved to play with growing up, but the creativity that flows from my girls is more than I could ever conjure up.

Last year, Zoe and Mia decided they wanted American Girl dolls for their birthdays.  They opted for the Target version instead and because they did, they were able to get the closet, the bed/desk and a few outfits each.

Here is Mia posing with the dolls.


This year for their birthdays, they wanted to add to their collection so they started looking on-line for stuff they wanted.  They also started looking at videos on how to make things themselves at home.  Since they got a few gift cards, they decided to buy a motor scooter and a couple of outfits. (and, of course, another doll).


The creativity has begun.  The girls started to make everything possible for their dolls.  So far, they have made an iPod, iPad, cell phone, stove, fridge, student of the month awards and pillows.  Yes, they even sewed the pillows themselves.  Everyday they are asking to get more materials…Tape, buttons, glue sticks for the hot glue gun and what ever else the video tells them to stock up on.

Zoe and Mias pillows. Mia’s is the one with the decorations.

Mia sewing her pillow

This is the refrigerator/pantry


With hours of creativity and making videos of their dolls playing, hanging out, going to school and shopping, the possibilities of fun are endless.  I encourage you to encourage your children to use their imagination.  Show them how to create stuff they don’t have the money to buy.  It’s as easy as an old shoe box, markers, tape, glue and trinkets you probably have lying around.


Here are the girls having a sleep over.


Until next time, have fun being creative!