The Crossing Guard

If you have ever dropped your kids off at school (which I am sure most of you have), you notice there is a crossing guard on the major corner.  Our crossing guard was sweet, frail and looked a little like Dora the Explorers big sister.  We saw her everyday, always with a smile on her face.  We also have the “other” crossing guard, she isn’t as friendly and rarely has a smile on her face, but this post is not about her.

The cute, not very old, lady crossing guard was there for about 2 years.  We waved to her as we drove by, some people gave her a hard time because she made sure the cars stopped for the children.  No one was getting hit on her watch, that’s for sure! 

I always noticed something different about her, not sure what it was, but that didn’t matter, she did her job well and rarely missed a day.  Then, one day, we noticed she was not there, she would be gone for a couple of weeks.  Then there she was again.  I thought, maybe she was re-assigned.  Turns out, she was in the hospital and had a near death experince after drowning in her pool.

She came back and did her job with a smile one her face, everyday, and did it well.  Last week we had our Fall Break from school and came back Monday.  We noticed the nice crossing guard was not there, in fact, no one was there.  How unusual.  Again Tuesday, she was not there, but the other one was.  But no crossing guard in the afternoon.

Today, while volunteering, I was told that the nice crossing guard will not be coming back, unfortunatly, she passed away over the break due to an illness she had.  I am so deeply saddened to hear this.  She left behind her 3rd grade son and her husband. 

She was a woman full of life, even though she suffered greatly.  Something I reaspect deeply.  Keep your head up and don’t let life get you down.  Never sweat the small stuff, like the crossing guard making you wait while the kids cross the street.


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