The Fun of Baking Together

I love baking and I have apparently passed it on to my oldest daughter.  She is always coming up with new recipes to try.  She recently found coffee cupcakes and pumpkin strussel coffee-cake.  Wow, talk about yummy!

Since the holidays are officially here now, we are in full baking mode.  She decided to make some sweet rolls with icing, they turned out okay, we will adjust the recipe next time.  She also made an apple pie with crumb topping, oh man, was that good!  I know I sound biased when I say this, but it was the best damn apple pie I have EVER had!  She made it purely from scratch, except for the crust, we went with pre-made this time.  We boiled the apples to a tender consistency, then prepared the filling flavor with cinnamon and spices.  We opted for the crumb topping, instead of the usual crust topping and I am so glad we did.  It really made the pie.  I took one bite and was in heaven.  The apples were perfect and filling almost had a caramel-cinnamon flavor.  I wish I had 5 more pies, so I could eat them all.

Lastly, we made a pumpkin pie, it was really nothing out of the ordinary, but there is something to be said about homemade pumpkin pie.  It just taste so much better than store-bought.  But then again, everything pretty much tastes better homemade.

The best part of this baking experience was that we did it together.  I truly love baking with my daughter(s), it makes for wonderful memories that I will always cherish and I hope she does too.

Until next time…bake something, it’s good for the soul and yummy for the tummy.


Popcorn before microwaves

How much fun is it to make popcorn on the stove, they way we used to do it?  Let me tell you, it’s a blast.  I found Jiffy Pop at the store the other day and wanted to show the girls how we used to make it.  No microwaves, just the stove or an air popper.   I let them all have a turn shaking the little pan back and forth until we started hearing the popping.  They were so happy to hear that it was actually working!  After all, Zoe told me the other day, until she learned about Edison, she thought we always had power on the earth.  (hee hee)

So, After about 5 minutes of vigorous shaking, the popping stopped, we took the pan off the heat and opened it up, the smell was delightful!  And the taste?  Oh, so good!!!  It was light, not too buttery and it didn’t have that plastic taste that microwave popcorn has.

If you can find Jiffy Pop in your area, I would highly recommend it!