8-track, cassette and vinyl..those were the days.

In having a conversation with my 16 year old daughter, we started to discuss music. I told her that we had 8-track tapes, vinly and later would have cassette tapes. She knew what records were and cassettes, not 8-tracks though. Of course, I had to show her what they looked like. She giggles and says, “They are so big and bulky”. She should have seen thae way we watched movies! Big projector with reel to reel film and the giant screen. They have no idea how far technology has come in just the past 30 years!!!

My 11 year old sitting in the back seat was listening to our conversation and chimes in with “What’s a cassette?” Both my 16 year old and I start laughing. She realized that my 11 year old an the youngest would never know a cassette or records unless we show them. So, off the the record store we went. We showed them some great records and cassette tapes too…no 8-tracks though. That’s okay, we can always look on-line for those.

We ended up finding a few gems at the record store and took them home, now, all we need is a record player!