Family Is Most Important

Even if that means having to drive or fly or ride hundreds or thousands of miles.

When I found out that my sister, who lives 4 hours away, had an accident on her bicycle and shattered her leg, I was worried sick! Literally!! (I was sick from a bad cold.) I wished I could help take care of her when she needed me most. So, I made it happen. When she was released from the hospital, I made the necessary arrangements and drove myself and two of my girls up to Clovis to help my sisters mother-in-law take care of my sister.

The car ride from Santa Clarita to Clovis is pretty boaring, nothing to see but fields and dairy and grain mills. The girls did very good on the drive up and back. When Mia started to ask, “How long until we get there.” I made a game of it. I would tell them how many more miles when we passed the marker and then tell them how many minutes. I would try to point out whatever looked attractive to kill time. We also played “I Spy” but that got to be redundant since there were only cars, trucks and billboards most of the way.

When we arrived at our destination, we were all relieved and ready to visit with my sister. The anticipation of seeing what her leg looked like was eating at us. There she was, lying in bed with four rods and a metal bar holding her leg together. Holy cow, that wasn’t what I expected to see. “Her leg is under contruction”, I said to the girls. They kinda giggled and asked their Aunt if it hurt. Apparently, it didn’t hurt at the moment because she had some pretty good pain medicine. Any movement though, and it hurt like heck! Thank goodness her leg doesn’t have to stay in that contraption for long, another surgery is scheduled to take out the pins and place a plate and screws in. Then…the real healing can begin.

Helping my sister do the little things that we all take for granted every day was a humbling experince for me and the girls. We can adjust ourselves in bed to get comfortable. We can get ourselves out of bed, and walk down the hall. We can get up to make sandwich or get a drink of water. All these things, basically anything, she can no longer do by herself. She will not be able to put any kind of pressure on her leg for months to come.

I wish I lived closer so I could help more. It’s hard being far away and knowing your loved ones need you. There are a few family members in Clovis that help out. Thankfully, she has a great mother-in-law and father-in-law who are willing to take care of her when no one else can. Her husband is awesome and her step-childern are great care-takers too. I felt better knowing that she will be in good hands. We will make another visit in a few weeks to see how she is progressing.

On a lighter note, My sister just became a grandmother and her son happens to live in Clovis too! I got to see my two-week old great-nephew, that was a special treat!



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  1. Indira
    Apr 16, 2013 @ 05:42:27

    You are right, family is most important. Very inspiring post. You took all the trouble going there and got a wonderful treat. Love and blessing to the newly born.


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