The World According to ???

As I sit here contemplating, what makes people they way they are. Sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee this morning, I can’t help but laugh. Reading new articles about stuff that doesn’t matter, the comments people post on line just feed into the stupidity. For instance, Will Smith’s son, Jaden wants to be emancipated before he turns 15. It’s not true, but people feed into it, believing it without looking at the source. It’s an article written by some no-name rag mag. So people go one to call Jaden a “spoiled brat with no morals, who needs to be slapped or punished.” And “Will and Jayda need to take their kids to church and send them to a “normal school” and learn to be parents.”

Can someone please tell me what sending your child to church has to do with teaching them morale? Why can’t we teach them within our own spiritual realm at home. Who are these people to say Will and Jayda are bad parents. Have their kids EVER been in trouble? Are Will and Jayda in the news? Nope, they keep a low profile. I for one, think they are doing a fine job at raising their kids, especially for people who have massive amounts of money!

Now, on to the other crap people buy into so easily…The so-called news of today, the vanity the world has become….”Justin Bieber hits a photographer with his car…(The guy jumped out in front of him). Kim Kardashian has her baby and names it something with a K! Wow, don’t people have babies every day? Let’s see her try a home-birthing method, all natural. Not gonna happen with her, she needs all the over-zealous amenities.
Angelina Jolie??? She’s decides to get a mastectomy because she “may develop breast cancer”. Who does that kind of stuff? Crazy celebs for attention, that’s who!

Here’s a reporting on Kristen Stewart. Guess what? She went to Hooters! WOW!! Like every other normal person who wants food. Amanda Bynes gets a nose job…that’s nothing new, people do it every day. My point is…Who cares? Why do people feed into this crap? Here’s the thing, some people have lots of money, but most don’t. This is not news folks.

Here’s the news…..

Bombings, slayings, killings, in third world countries and in the U.S.

China is buying up all of our weapons.

Airborne laser reveals ancient lost city. That’s amazing!

NSA is secretly gathering private information, listening to phone messages, intercepting calls, and e-mails…That’s illegal, it’s a violation of the constitution.

Do people care? Seems like most don’t. Our food and water sources are being poisoned with pesticides and fluoride. The list goes on but people just live on to see what Brittney Spears is up to.

Wake up people! Stop feeding into the Honey BooBoo B.S.
That’s just my opinion on the world today and our made up-problems and fairy tale beliefs.