Watching a sunflower grow

Sunflowers are amazing. The are such a happy flower. When Mia had a flower on her desk at open house last year, It was such a cute little plant. Her class planted sunflower seeds and they all got to take them home. Mia said she would water her plant every day because she wanted to see her flower bloom, so she did.

Soon, the plant got too big for her little cup it was planted in, so we re-planted in in a larger pot. Then it got too big for that, and we planted it in an even larger pot. After weeks had gone by, we had to re-pot the plant again and it was finally starting bloom a flower.

The plant that was once a seed is now a beautiful sunflower. It has grown to almost 3 feet tall and will continue on growing as long as the sun shines.


full bloom










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