In lieu of something different

I have decided to take a different angle at blogging and one of my many interests is Rock and Roll music. Therefore, I have decided to blog about my rock-n-roll experiences, past, present and future. I hope you all will take a look now and then and I will still be posting on this blog as well.

Thank you for your visits to my page and likes. Enjoy…something different, The Jukebox Girl…

Rock-n-Roll, the beginning.


Giving life a second chance.

Today while watching my daughter at the pool, she spotted a bee. Immediatly, she started freaking out, asking me to get the bee out. I found a leaf and pulled the little guy to safety. He was disoriented for a bit but then started to walk around after feeling the suns warmth.

After about 2 minutes, still not being able to fly, he started walking toward me. I looked down at him and saw him drying his body and wings off with his tiny legs and tongue. It was quite an amazing sight. I, being the photo nut that I am, started taking pictures. I then noticed he was watching me take his picture and it looked as if he was bowing to say thank you.

I walked away to take pictures of others things for about 15 minutes, when I came back to my seat, I saw the bee sitting by my shoes. He then wwalked away and tried to fly, he did a flip and fell to the ground. He walked awway a little farther…flipped his wings a bit and then tried again. This time, he flew straight up, then back and forth, like a flying saucer would and took off! That made me feel really good.

I gave this little life a second chance.