Along the path of darkness there is a light of happiness.

Should you not be scared of what you might find?

Reach and feel what is hidden in your mind.

Can you laugh without sorrow, or is it so deep inside that there is only a cry?

Let it all out of your poor weary soul, please don’t hurt yourself anymore.

Now that you are here, walk away from the fool, wake up and see what it’s doing to you.

Do you like to be hurt when you think of that voice?

Then, only look forward and not back on the horrible past.


Universal Stardust

We are all star-dust, our bodies are formed from the particles in the universe.  We are the stars in the sky, watching over the worlds.  Our souls are bright lights shining up above. When a star’s light goes out, a soul is reborn, sent to earth or another world to become whole again. Our conscious mind grows when we are in human form.   Even as plants and animals we have thoughts and feelings, they just don’t have a voice to speak the words.

Many people don’t know themselves in their conscious minds, only in their physical bodies.  They are on a lower plane, they must raise their vibrations to learn about thier higher self, reaching a higher ground.  We need to come together as a whole, one body, one mind, one spirit, one love.  This planet is our body, the people are like the appendages, the hands, feet, finger, toes, etc.  Without love as a whole, our spirit is nothing, we are nothing. Without kind words and actions, our worth is nothing.