Lady, The Hawaiian Man

I was in an apartment which appeared to be my dads place (who has passed on). My brother was there, looking out the window.   I walked through a living room, into a bedroom off to the right, down the hall.  As I opened the door to the bedroom, the warmth came out.  The room looked like a sewing room, there was a quilt laying over the chair and the old lamp was lighting with a soft glow.  Inside the room there were three old ladies painting seashells.  The ladies told me they were making Christmas ornaments and that they were special and I could take as many as I liked.  The ladies then told me that it was time for them to go home, their shift was over.  I asked them where they were going, they said their time was up, they had to go now.  I said thank you and walked out into the hallway to the left.

Then, I turned to another room, the door was closed also, I opened the door and looked around.  There was a large table that took up most of the room, with a floor-length, light brown table cloth covering it.  I stepped into the room, and my dog, Lady came out from the right side of the table.  I looked at her and asked her what she was doing there?  She walked over to me and I gave her  love.  Lady then walked back the right side of the table.  I walked around the left side to meet her  and as I reached the back said, lady appeared to me and turned into a man.

I asked him how he got there?  He said he was a Hawaiian Man.   I looked at him and he repeated himself.  He was a Hawaiian man, whose family was being hurt and needed help.  The man had black hair, some was grey, he was older and very thin.   I asked him how I could help him and what he needed from me?  He repeated that his family was hurt and he needed help.  I told him that I would go get help, that my step- brother, David was outside.  He said no, he needs my help and it’s too late.  I turned to walk to the door and he turned around and walked to the table and disappeared again.  The, my dog Lady appeared again.

I walked out into the living room and there was a serving counter that attached to the kitchen from the living room.  On the counter, were the seashells that the ladies left for me.  They were decorated with rainbow dots and did not look like Christmas ornaments.  I was going to make goodie bags and give them to my friends.  As I was looking over the shells, my step-brother David walked by, putting on his leather coat.  I asked him where he was going.  He said he had to go get mom (my step mom, who passed) and dad a present because it was their birthday.    I told him that he wasn’t supposed to leave, that he was in trouble and had to stay home.  He got really upset and said, “How am I supposed to get them a gift, if I can’t go out, It’s their birthday and I need to get them a gift!”  I turned away from him, back toward the counter, and then woke up.


Struck by lightning


In my dream this morning, I was seeing pictures that a friend had taken had taken of her husband.  They were not flattering pictures.  He looked as if he were dead, his stomach was distended, his mouth gaping open wide, eyes closed and he was laying in front of his front door on a lawn chair with a for sale sign on the lawn.

Then it was as if I was seeing moving pictures, live pictures being taken as if I was there, watching them.  There was a cliff side next to the river where they were camping, a friend and her boyfriend were there, watching the snakes pour out of the holes, Different kinds of snakes, rattlers, diamond back, some yellow snakes, and ones the appeared to be three inches long, then suddenly for legs and crawl away.

I was whisked away in a moment’s time and then I was walking along a sidewalk, alone, looking down to see if anyone dropped money or anything that caught my eye.  I was in a mini mall shopping area, it was dark and I then looked around for McDonalds, I was hungry and thirsty.  I walked back and forth looking for the restaurant that I knew was around there.  I then spotted it, in a dark corner lot, only lit up by the light inside with very few windows.   I walked over to the area where the McDonalds was and tied to get inside.  The door was open, but there was a heavy thick plastic covering the door with a rectangular hole cut into it, like a dog door, but for kids.  I was going to go inside, but then there were some people behind me.  I realized it was someone I knew, Mrs. Woodman (Wanous) Zoe’s Kindergarten teacher.  She was waiting to get in with 5 kids and her son.  I let the kids go in first, the climbed through the kiddie door and we told them to wait for us.  I then tried to climb through the door and got stuck.  I ended up pulling down the entire plastic door because I was too big to fit in the hole.  Tracy and her friends helped me get out of the door and they went inside to get the kids who ran off ahead.

I then started to follow them towards the counter to order, but they were gone. I walked up to order my food and the girl was pre-occupied.  The manager was talking to her behind the counter about the cola dispenser not working properly.  She then took my order and gave me my receipt and said they would bring my food to me.  The manager was there, still trying to fix the cola and then put a giant funnel on the bag where the soda was and started to drink it.  I looked at the ticket, it was number 554, I got my drink and found a table to sit down at.  There were a few people sitting down, eating.  I had waited for a good while and they still hadn’t brought my food, I got up to see if they were going to bring it.  I saw the girl who took my order standing near the trash can, cleaning up and I spoke to her, I showed her my ticket and she went to go check on my order.  As I started to follow her to the counter, suddenly we were outside, as if the half of the restaurant was indoor/outdoor.  I looked up and there was a giant grey black storm cloud forming, it looked like a monster, his mouth wide open, his eyes drooping, wrinkles and folds as the demon cloud came closer to me, as if it was going to eat me like I was going to eat that burger I was wanting.  I looked up, scared but not horrified, as if I knew what was coming.  Then a huge lightning bolt came out of the monster clouds mouth and struck me right in the heart, all I could feel was the jolt of electricity.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before, but I was not in pain.  As the electricity ran through my body, I began to convulse, my eyes were open and I could see the horror on the workers face.  I could hear the customers gasping deep breaths, no one could move.  I fell to the ground as my body gave in to the shock, I was trying to raise my left arm and do sign language to tell them to call 911.  I could not move, but tried to crawl, letting go, as if I was falling asleep.  I woke up into a ball of white light all around me, surrounding me like a blanket,  I then realized I was on my bed, in my room when I finally opened my eyes.  I felt tired and out of it, but energized and my heart was beating hard.  I’m not sure if I died, or was taken away to another realm, a higher spiritual sense of being.