Saving Angel


For the past two days, a bird was sitting on my fence out in my backyard. I thought it was strange that a bird was out on the fence after dark and was wondering why she was sitting there, looking at me, like she had a message to give. I opened the screen door and walked outside towards her, as I got closer, she flew down to the other side of the fence, but did not fly away. I turned around and came back into the house and closed the screen door again. I went back to what I was doing and again, she was sitting on the fence, peeping away, hopping along the fence, back and forth as if she was anxious about something. I thought, there is something going on for the bird to sit there in the dark. But it did not connect, yet.

The night went on, strangely, I had a dream about helping a little boy, who was trying to get into a tree, once I helped him up, the boys’ grandmother came over and thanked me. Then I woke up. I came downstairs in the morning, again, sitting there on the fence, was the same bird. She would go over to the tree, then to the fence, then back to the tree. I decided to take a picture of her since she was sitting there on a branch and was not leaving. She was beautiful and I could almost see the concern in her eyes. She got louder as I got closer to her but still did not move. All I could think is there is something she is trying to tell me but I didn’t know what! I was taking pictures of random plants and then I saw the bird look over at the tree. Then it dawned on me, I wonder if she’s missing a baby or something. As I looked over at the tree, with my camera lens, I scoped out the area and there he was, on the ground! A little baby bird had fallen out of his nest. I snapped a quick picture, put my camera down and ran over to the tree.

As I was running over, my big St. Bernard, Lady followed me. She spotted the bird too! I freaked out as she snatched up the little baby bird in her mouth and ran off!! I yelled, “Lady, drop it now”! Thankfully, she listened to me and did just that! I was so worried for the furry little guy, he must of thought , that was it! Good-bye cruel world! I scooped up the baby bird and gently rubbed his head with my thumb. He was still alive! I was so grateful to see him breathing, then he opened his little mouth as if to say, I’m hungry, please feed me. I called to my daughters to come and help out. They immediately came to the rescue.

We got a stool and tried to figure out where the nest was. After about 10 minutes, we finally saw it. It was hidden really well, right in the middle of the peach tree. After squeezing my body into the tree, that has the strongest little branches I have ever climbed, I was able to see the opening of the nest. I asked my daughter to hand me the baby bird. I gently placed the little guy back into the nest after feeling to make sure I didn’t place it on top of another bird. I then managed to climb up higher into the tree and saw that the little bird had a sibling. It looked at me, opened its mouth wide as to say, I’m hungry again, then realized I was not his momma and ducked his head tightly into the nest.

I jumped down, out of the tree, wiped off the dust and took a deep breath. I felt relieved that the bird was okay and seemed like it would survive now that mom and dad know he is nestled safely back home. After about ten minutes, my daughter said, “Mom, the bird is still sitting on the fence, looking in the house, I think she wants to thank you.” I stepped outside, looked at the bird and said, “You’re welcome!” Then she flew back up into the nest and had a conversation with her mate.

I hope the baby bird survives this ordeal that must have been terrifying. I believe my dream signified the boy as the bird and the grandmother as the mother bird. Good deed for today…Done!

Oh, we decided to name him Angel, because he had angelic feathers coming out of his little head.







Giving life a second chance.

Today while watching my daughter at the pool, she spotted a bee. Immediatly, she started freaking out, asking me to get the bee out. I found a leaf and pulled the little guy to safety. He was disoriented for a bit but then started to walk around after feeling the suns warmth.

After about 2 minutes, still not being able to fly, he started walking toward me. I looked down at him and saw him drying his body and wings off with his tiny legs and tongue. It was quite an amazing sight. I, being the photo nut that I am, started taking pictures. I then noticed he was watching me take his picture and it looked as if he was bowing to say thank you.

I walked away to take pictures of others things for about 15 minutes, when I came back to my seat, I saw the bee sitting by my shoes. He then wwalked away and tried to fly, he did a flip and fell to the ground. He walked awway a little farther…flipped his wings a bit and then tried again. This time, he flew straight up, then back and forth, like a flying saucer would and took off! That made me feel really good.

I gave this little life a second chance.





Watching a sunflower grow

Sunflowers are amazing. The are such a happy flower. When Mia had a flower on her desk at open house last year, It was such a cute little plant. Her class planted sunflower seeds and they all got to take them home. Mia said she would water her plant every day because she wanted to see her flower bloom, so she did.

Soon, the plant got too big for her little cup it was planted in, so we re-planted in in a larger pot. Then it got too big for that, and we planted it in an even larger pot. After weeks had gone by, we had to re-pot the plant again and it was finally starting bloom a flower.

The plant that was once a seed is now a beautiful sunflower. It has grown to almost 3 feet tall and will continue on growing as long as the sun shines.


full bloom









Volunteering at Camp Whittle

We decided to do good for others. A friend asked if we would like to volunteer for a weekend in Big Bear. We clean up the camp ground in exchange for a cabin and meals. “Sounds like fun”, I said. So, we did it. Off we went on our journey to the top of the world, or so it felt like. The trip was two and a half hours, but this time we got see lots of cool stuff. There were Joshua trees, and mountains all around.

When we got to the bottom of the mountain, and started our uphill drive is when the real sight seeing began. There were tall trees and beautiful landscapes, there were scary cliffs and little creeks. We saw lots of birds soaring above, as if they were showing us where to look for the next amazing sight. When we arrived at the top of the snow capped mountains, there it was, a gorgeous lake surrounded by huge trees, with ducks swimming, people fishing and more birds soaring. The cabins surrounding the lake were stunning.

We drove around the North Shore side of the lake on a dirt road up the mountain to The Rim Of The World… there waiting with all of its beauty was Camp Whittle in Fawnskin, Big Bear. Surrounded by nothing but huge pine trees, it was quite the sight. We checked in and unloaded our stuff in a cabin with nothing but bunk beds. The bathroom was a community bath house with 5 showers and 5 toilet stalls. There were giant Red Ants and spiders and bugs everywhere. Not the place to be if you are afraid of bugs. After we dropped off our stuff, we went into town, Big Bear City, and ate dinner. It’s a small town and not much is open after 8 pm. But we managed to find a Denny’s.

Back to the cabin we drove, in the pitch black darkness, it was kind of scary but cool at the same time.
The kids were too excited to sleep, and the adults were too, but we finally managed to sleep and wake up early in the morning for breakfast. Wow!! Breakfast was great! The served all kinds of good food, juice, coffee and lots of water.

We got our assignments and went off to rake up pine needles from around the cabins. Whew, that was hard work!! Mia was tired after the first hour, but managed to help as much as she could. We stopped for lunch which was great and went back to work. After about an hour we started noticing the blisters on our hands and fingers. We were getting tired and sore from raking and raking and piling those pine needles. We kept motivated by saying, “Hard work pays off”. And it did! We took a break around 3 pm and our guide took us over to the petting zoo so our hard working kids could feed the animals. There were donkeys, a sheep, goats and llamas. The girls had fun feeding the animals until one of the goast decided to ram Mia and knock her down, then he started ramming everyone else. It wasn’t a very nice goat. But the others were sweet and had no anger issues.

Back to the cabins to finish up for the day we went after the feeding. By that time, all of the girls were burnt out on raking pine needles and went to play on the rocks while my friend and I finished. Finally it was time for dinner and to stop for the day. We were beat! Sore, tired and filthy. Our feet and hands hurt so bad it was hard to eat. We managed to eat then went to shower. Ahhhh, did that feel good!!! After a little rest, we decided to go see the sunset at the lake. It was cold and windy but beautiful, none the less. It was peaceful and gorgeous. We decided to head back and start a campfire in our designated pit. It was great! Two women, and their girls, roasting marshmallows for smores. Boy were they good smores.

After we finished our smores, we headed back to our cabin for a little chat time and rest. We layed in our bunks, and talked about the day. When we couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer, it was time for bed. The older girls had a hard time sleeping but Mia was asleep as soon as lights went out. I was restless but managed to fall asleep after a few toss and turns. Then, we heard the crunching and scratching…the girls looked out the window and there he was, a bear!!! Not too big, but not small either. Right outside out cabin he walked by. In the morning we saw the paw tracks, but thankfully the bear was gone. I’m pretty sure he smelled the strawberries I had thrown out because they went bad. They sure did smell good though.

Off to breakfast we went, then back to the cabin to pack up and head home. Sore, tired and greatful for a wonderful experience, we left happy and feeling good about doing a good deed for others. How fun would it be to stay at camp Whittle for the week and enjoy the outdoors? I know the campers will have a great time and enjoy the cleaned up camp grounds. We will be goimg back next year to help out again.


driving through clouds





good morning


mia feeding animals

mia riding a broomstick

Zoe working hard


endangered species

Zoe - Des