Along the path of darkness there is a light of happiness.

Should you not be scared of what you might find?

Reach and feel what is hidden in your mind.

Can you laugh without sorrow, or is it so deep inside that there is only a cry?

Let it all out of your poor weary soul, please don’t hurt yourself anymore.

Now that you are here, walk away from the fool, wake up and see what it’s doing to you.

Do you like to be hurt when you think of that voice?

Then, only look forward and not back on the horrible past.


She-The Moon

She-The Moon.




Staring blankly into the pot
As to
Looking down into the abyss

Reflecting back on the past is in the past,
The present only, rides the waves.
Looking forward to the future holds the key to
Un-somber days.

The angel hanging by a thread,
the tree lights glistening
a slight ringing in my head
she wants to know if I’m listening.

Of course, I am, I said, in my mind
And I knew she heard me clearly
I heard her said things would be fine.
That my father loves me dearly.

Now time to move forward, And don’t be sad,
his tired old body has taken too much
Life may be over for him
but It was a good one he had.

Resting until the end of his time,
Can barely walk now
He must pay his dues
So the universe can take him home.